Sunday, November 2, 2008

no more mysteries | WOP November 5


Admittedly October was indeed a whole month of partying-hell month. Yes, we have survived the dizzying and yet gratifying storm of exhibition openings, talks, festivals, tributes, launchings, and receptions. Thanks to undying testimonials of love. As usual the rains have been unpredictable and before early Christmas carols seal off our sensitivities we bring you another mind-fuck evening as we host another screening of Dahci Ma's Mysteries of Nature (this one's for those of you who missed it the last two times).

Meanwhile, openness is a reality not one of us can escape. It feeds on the machine of our times, like a leech sucking the blood out of us, nevertheless creating for reflection, subversion and communication. Diego Maranan speaks about Open Source Dance Project, a tool for licensing and sharing choreography as one possible way to build global community of dancers and track the flow of choreographic ideas using the Web.

This one's almost a dance night and we have been waiting for you fanatics to come out of the cave to play. You know you want to! After drinks with the artists shall follow.

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