Tuesday, October 28, 2008

w.o.p OCT 29 | MONTHLY PERIOD READINGS + Diego Maranan Invisible Visible

MONTHLY PERIOD readings and open mic OCTOBER 29
bar opens 6pm

Andrea Teran hosts another readings night and open mic, featuring a conversation between Daryll Delgado and Easy Fagela on fiction and songwriting/poetry. Andrea Teran's Monthly Period is part Wednesdays Open Platform residency Program.

Diego Maranan conducts a workshop "Using Google Sites to Quickly Build Your Own Website" (bring your own laptop) as part of his Wednesdays Open Platform residency program on Data Visualization.
http://theinvisiblevisible.diegomaranan.com http://wednesdaysmnlove.blogspot.com Ongoing Exhibitions: "Random Cliques" / Photographs by Brendan Goco "Efface" / Installation by Bea Camacho

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