Monday, December 7, 2009


Coffeebreak Island
Surrogate Prey
Vinty Lava


No weekly horoscope can say for sure what changes we are ready for. Nor the tastiest baked fish in coconut milk, patiently cooked with love and mushy affection. Even then, the moving we have done the past years; the parties that have been thrown; the beer cases consumed; the wine glasses smashed; the manic talking sessions until dawn; the incessant flooding and unexpected holiday breaks could neither properly qualify as interruptions. Because usefulness always has an object, by definition, whereas uselessness has none. Where objects have haunted our daily, the subject will always be nitpicked for non/meaning. The slippery categories have overtaken the neatly packed boxes of artistic excess that may never find their way into actual realization, but is that even important? For the work has already been done, contingent and indisputable, the changes will take place with or without us. 

Just to dispel any of those sexy rumors of closing shop, which has always been a constant threat to fools who stubbornly insist to persist anyway, another party is in order. Not to bid our beloved Kamuning space goodbye -- NO NOT YET!  And no not to conclude a decade for if we are to be strict about it we have another full year to fill. No not to even bid the year goodbye. Yes, to give ourselves a big brotherly slap on our backs because despite all we have done good. Really, come on?! We did more than good. 

For you beloved ones who've missed the jam-packed opening [] of Serial Killers(Two), and sometimes frustrated not knowing whether we are open or not, then come over this Saturday to get an even bigger fill and kick the lazy hangover habit to openly welcome that state of excess. Not to be mistaken for decadence but simple good old-fashioned Saturday night listening, dancing, seeing old friends, warm embrace and alcohol. As our last year hurrah before the in-between-holidays Garage Sale we are organizing (details to follow), we have invited house favorites Coffebreak IslandSleepyheadsSurrogate PreyTerraformer and Vinty Lava to dispel rumors of a Green Papaya Christmas Party which this is definitely not. Lastly, because child labor is illegal but permissible granted a work permit, we have asked our most favorite person to draw the picture you now see on this page, cheers to Joaquin Roldan. See you Saturday!

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