Sunday, October 12, 2008

OCT15 DIEGO MARANAN + BRENDAN GOCO Random Cliques + Fete de la Wasaque

There is such a thing called constructive mopping. Then the can of worms have been opened. Not necessarily bad. As we persistently defy those mid-week blues, we invite you to come out again to play this Wednesday at Green Papaya as this week's line-up get heftier than usual.

Diego Maranan makes his workspace public at Green Papaya allowing scrutiny to his library of about 80 books on art, technology, performance and sociology (plus a selection of books from childhood!) Everyone is welcome to poke and snoop around. Book worms, you know who you are!
Meanwhile, the persistent night owl comes out with a long due peek into tons of flicker prints that Brendan Goco has amassed throughout the years with Random Cliques which opens earlier in the evening. For those who want to catch a glimpse of your own selves, this is the time.
And because we know that this is not enough SABAW MEDIA ART KITCHEN caps off their quick but nasty Fete dela Wasaque Festival of Experimental Music and Video with E.X.I.S.T-Inconnuictu, Ugong, Blend:er, Elemento, Blums Borres, Tad ErmitaƱo, Tengal and Justice Yeldman. 

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