Sunday, October 12, 2008

BRENDAN GOCO | Random Cliques

What to make out of our uneasy compulsion to react instantaneously? Risking failure over brilliance and vice versa. Yet then again, it is always because of the need to capture that which will only be lost in an instant. The way a heartbeat skips its pre-destined path. Sometimes, reflection poses itself as a luxury not many can afford. A figure lurking amidst our brilliant and weakest emotions. And still these vulnerable moments which memory has betrayed bear witness to time and period in history most often unnoticed, if not forgotten. Brendan Goco bares it all with faithful documentation of these sinister nights. As if to remind us that indeed time has passed, as he shares with us snapshots of artists, people, talkers and hangers-on that complete such Random Cliques. In this rare occasion beyond the pages of Multiply, Facebook and Flicker he tells the story of our faces, acts and random broken realities.

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