Tuesday, January 8, 2008


conversations and video screenings
Shackles by SONI KUM
Of course this is not a bathtub by DONNA MIRANDA
PLUS The Night Market 40% OFF on selected artworks
January 9/Wednesday Bar opens 8PM

The return of the comeback. Comebacks come and go. It's the little things that kill us. Walking with nothing but little souvenirs from our recent past. Immediate reminders that those roads shall again find us. Dogs waggling their tails following the scent of risk and comfortable shelters. Lucky us the tropical paradise keeps us warm and alert. And as if we have not gone through frenzied holiday parties, we need to start the year right with more drunken bliss behavior.
Rather beginning on a somber mode, we bid goodbye to our two artists-in-resident, video artist Yoshiaki Inatsugi parcouring around the contested cliche Manila, and Malaysian sound artist Goh Lee Kwang who recorded blasts from the New Year celebration. This Wednesday, Japan-born Korean filmmaker Soni Kum will talk about her attempt to re-trace her grandfather's tale in Leyte where he died as a soldier of the Japanese Imperial Army during World War II. Also screening is a work-in-progress draft of Passage 1/The QC-Kyoto Project, and Of course this is not a bathtub by Donna Miranda. And finally in honor of all the comebacks, Green Papaya re-opens the notorious Night Market for a guaranteed one-night-stand only affair with collectors and buyers. ALSO THIS MONTH WATCH OUT FOR the video works of Jed Escueta, John Torres' Andrea't, a poetry reading night, and THE coming-out performance of The Love Gangsters as kick-off for its Yokohama Dance Collection-R participation. OPEN CALL Ask and you shall receive. Calling for your newly-plotted evil plans, love songs, art projects and maps of the world. We are regularly accepting proposals for wednesdays i’m-n-love open platform. Holler up or drop us an email, better yet drop by any given Wednesday and pitch in your life-changing plans. Wednesdays (I’m-n-love) Open Platform is an experimental laboratory for artists who wish to show/perform their new works or works-in-progress for a one-night-only critical exchange via screenings, conversations, performances and or declarations of love. WOP also seeks to generate a space for those halfway-over experiences tucked in our sketchpads, notebooks, Myspace accounts and personal blogs. We welcome any proposition and any mode of presentation.
Proposals may be submitted a week in advance, send them thru info@greenpapaya.org or holler up +63926 6635606.
FOR UPDATES: http://papayapost.blogspot.com

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