Sunday, November 18, 2007

tim brown / mariano ching / louie cordero / heyd fontenot

Opening 6 PM November 14 exhibition until November 28

gallery hours: 7-11 PM wednesdays only,

open any time/day by appointment please call 0918 9457387

Jungle Fever. This film by Spike Lee is noted as the screen debut of Halle Berry, who would later become the first African American woman to win the Academy Awards' Best Actress award for her performance at Monster's Ball. It also saw the screen debut of Queen Latifah and Samuel Jackson's first notable performance as both would go on to become Oscar nominees.
Jungle Fever: the film centers on the interracial romance between a successful married African American architect, Flipper Purify (played by Wesley Snipes), and an Italian-American woman, Angie Tucci (played by Annabella Sciorra). The two meet at their workplace in New York, an architectural firm where Purify works and Tucci is hired as a temporary secretary. The lovers come under intense pressure from their friends and family as a result of their relationship. The title refers to the sexual attraction of non-black people to black people. Meanwhile, the subplot revel around the problems of drug abuse, with Flipper’s brother Gator (played by Samuel L. Jackson) suffering crack addiction.

<> is noted as the Manila debut of two hot Austin-based American artists Tim Brown and Heyd Fontenot with two local art stars Louie Cordero and Mariano Ching. Wikipedia aside, riding along the streams of varied myth-making information and validation via www, the team stages a convulsive conspiracy over Manila's riotous streets and unnavigable traffic situation. The tour guide takes an unexpected turn with nothing but the feverish intuition of an animal brooding over its prey.
<>: the exhibition spins on a similar interracial encounter and romance of like-minded evil plotting young artists. Heyd Fontenot, whose creative vision has found expression in many different artistic roles as designer, art director, producer filmmaker and painter, and Louie Cordero, award-winning, internationally-representated painter, illustrator and habitue musician first met during an artist-in-residency at Vermont Studios in the States. After some time, the "lovers" came under intense pressure from family and friends to reunite in Manila. As a result, Tim Brown who graduated with Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts at the University of Kansas and spent almost five years taking over 30,000 calls from cancer patients as an information and referal specialist, and Mariano Ching, painter, book illustrator, graphic artist and a Mombusho-Japanese Foundation scholar who attended Kyoto University in Japan, got hooked up to deliver a more sinister plot. While the title of the exhibition does not refer to the sexual attraction between the West and Asia, the sublot considers the problems of drug abuse without anyone of the four suffering crack addiction. (As far as we know.)

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