Monday, October 29, 2007

Thirty Second Drawings / WEDNESDAYS i'm-in-love 10.17

Cristina Dy
30 second drawings



Cristina Dy's 30 second drawings is a constructed site where you will discover Fast Draw. This shooting sport combines a well tuned single-action revolver, 'full-powder' blanks or wax bullets, and a lightning quick draw to create the fastest timed sport in the world. In yet another drawing encounter, CD takes us into a momentary sideway glance leading to guiltless pleasure of short-time maneuvers of half-minute drawings. An instantaneous quick-fix solution to passing time and fast draw response to the overly repeated mantra disguised in questions like "how long did it take you to finish this work." Reactionary, we dare you not. A process nevertheless entails the conspiring time-scape embedded in the uneasy conditions veiling any creative act.

Open Platform
is an experimental laboratory for artists who wish to show/perform their new works or works-in-progress for a one-night-only critical exchange via screenings, conversations, performances and or declarations of love. WOP also seeks to generate a space for those halfway-over experiences tucked in our sketchpads, notebooks, Myspace accounts and personal blogs. We welcome any proposition and any mode of presentation. Send in your videos, soundbytes, wearables, performances, installation, drawings, evil plans and or marriage proposals for this weekly one-night stand gatherings at Green Papaya. Proposals may be submitted a week in advance, send them thru or holler up +63926 6635606.

A month has passed since our live and rowdy Wednesday nights. No doubt the encounters of incurable romantics and cynics have brought out some good loving vibes. Sans marriage proposals, our evil plots have yet to unfold the coming weeks. Yes, please do continue cooking up those plans and fill us in anytime. Last week, we saw the debut of Triangle Force with catchy Superboy and Supergirl. Khavn de la Cruz's all-night film concert/live-scouring of Muzzled Horse of an Engineer in Search of Mechanical Saddles filled up the joint with multi-sensory encounter with Jethro Pioquinto, Angelo Suarez and Cos Zicarelli joining in the riot.

Meanwhile, preparations continue to ensue. Next week, Donna Miranda and Khavn de la Cruz go on KL:12 hours onboard Kuala Lumpur's commuter train for a performance-intervention project organized by Rumah Air Panas, Malaysia ( Intra-Asia Network, through Green Papaya, brings Lena Cobangbang to Singapore for a young artist-curator's exchange project with Substation in November. Peewee Roldan attends Asian Culture Forum on November 14-18 in Kwangju, Korea.

To watch out for next month: Jungle Fever with Louie Cordero, Tim Brown, Heyd Fontenot, and Mariano Ching opening on November 14. Also, a dance-lecture performance by contemporary Indian dancer/choreographer Astad Deboo on November 28.


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