Monday, October 29, 2007


WEDNESDAYS i'm-n-love


: 30 Second Drawings (ongoing)

Live Action

October 24/Wednesday
, Bar opens 8 PM

Of course it's like no other past Wednesdays! This Wednesday opts for a quieter unhurried evening of musings over Cristina Dy's 30 second drawings. And pondering on the life and work of French installation artist Christian Boltanski via a film material from the archive of Conrado Velasco. But a Wednesday wouldn't be an open platform if we are not OPEN to a terrorist-like bombing of Glorietta. Like an approaching ten-wheeler truck swerving from a blind curve, Impromptu is open to everyone, no driving ability, or driver's license required. Just take the wheel and make that swerve you've always wanted to do.

: "I come to my studio every day at 10.30, and I stay and do nothing. Sometimes you find nothing, and then you find something you love to do. Sometimes you make mistakes, but sometimes it's true. In two minutes, you understand what you must do for the next two years. Sometimes it's in the studio, but other times it's walking in the street or reading a magazine... Something like 60 per cent of my work is destroyed after every show. And if it's not destroyed, it's removed, or I'll mix one piece with another. When I make a show it's like when you arrive at home and you open your fridge at night and there's two potatoes and one sausage and two eggs, and with all that you make something to eat. I try to make something with what is in my "fridge"... The good artists are usually the very young or the very old. The ones who are very young are so stupid that they have no fear. And when they are very old they aren't afraid any more. In the meantime, you are always, always, afraid."

Wednesdays Open Platform (WOP)
is an experimental laboratory for artists who wish to show/perform their new works or works-in-progress for a one-night-only critical exchange via screenings, conversations, performances and or declarations of love. WOP also seeks to generate a space for those halfway-over experiences tucked in our sketchpads, notebooks, Myspace accounts and personal blogs. We welcome any proposition and any mode of presentation. Send in your videos, soundbytes, wearables, performances, installation, drawings, evil plans and or marriage proposals for this weekly one-night stand gatherings at Green Papaya. Proposals may be submitted a week in advance, send them thru or holler up +63926 6635606.

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