Sunday, August 5, 2012

Berlin-based Lizza May David takes up residency at Green Papaya Art Projects

On Surface
Lizza May David
March 14, 6pm

Berlin based artist Lizza May David takes residence at Green Papaya Art Projects for two weeks exploring the modes of understanding between the subject and nation beyond its symbolic realms.  The exhibition, “On Surface” will be presenting the beggining of David's research on movements of anarchism in times of early globalization relating to German and Filipino perspectives as well as a new photo work. 

ARTIST TALK: diaspora, post colonialism and memory 
Lizza May David
February 16, 6pm
59 Mahabagin St., Teachers Village East, Quezon City

The artist talk will give an insight to her work-in-progress pieces, videos, installations and collaborations, which are often dealing with issues of migration ("Cycles of Care" 2011, "Model Family Award" 2008, "Two Years More" 2006), memory and diaspora. 

Lizza May David (b. 1975 in the Philippines) is an artist based in Berlin. She studied Fine Arts in Nuremberg, Lyon and Berlin and works on issues of migration, memory and nationhood, especially relating to her filipino and german experiences. Her works explore strategies of image production, projection surfaces and idealogical worlds. Since 2007 she has been a member of Global Alien, a Berlin based artist group actively working, participating, planning, and organising exhibitions and events concerning the fragmentary nature, and effects of globalisation.

Organized by Lian Ladia
Acknowledgements: MM Yu, Maria Cruz, Robert Langenegger, Shireen Seno and John Torres.

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