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5PM November 28 (Saturday)

Maybe we are fools to insist on the necessity of intercultural exchange, because differences are inherently there and a mere three-week stay in another creative milieu will never be enough. What is achieved is but a glimpse into the actual reality that one would like to penetrate. Still this is no reason not to be curious, or aimlessly wander around, or eat exotic fertilized duck egg, or forge relationships over bottles of bad-tasting beer, or criticize undercurrent motivations, or even finding silly arbitrary commonness. Slovenian artist-curator Miha Horvat has been in town for three weeks now, lurking and surfing, and taking down notes. To kick start, Philippines-Slovenia Tactical Exchange before kindred Lena Cobangbang heads off to an Eastern European winter, we are organizing another live art talk show on Saturday at Green Papaya to exchange notes, back room talk and even discontentments. Like any good excuse, this but another hefty gathering to give Miha that long overdue welcome drink. 

Philippines Slovenia Tactical Exchange is a means to its own end: to activate and initiate intensive creative cultural interaction, critical exchange and networking activities between the two artistic communities. Meanwhile drawing attention to the dis/similar socio-historical and geopolitical contexts that shape contemporary practice in these two far away regions. Artist-curators Lena Cobangbang (Philippines) and Miha Horvat (Slovenia) have been respectively chosen to undergo creative research-residency in the said locales in view of sharing ‘best practice’ experiences, identify undercurrent motivations, initiate critical engagement, deepen networks of cooperation, read each other, and dream of utopic tactical artistic actions.  Of course because we are all for sustainable cultural communities and long-term management strategies their residencies are meant to hit all birds with one stone, by default mapping out alternative cultural management strategies and methods. In effect putting into perspective how independently run initiatives have managed throughout the last years to influence local cultural production and politics. 

Philippines Slovenia Tactical Exchange is supported under the Asia Europe Independent Creative Art Spaces Follow-up Grant.

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