Wednesday, May 6, 2009

MAY 6 DAVID GRIGGS | New York London Paris Rome Manila City Jail

New York London Paris Rome Manila City Jail

Opening 6PM, May 8 (Friday)
Presented in cooperation with Asialink and the Australian Embassy-Manila

David Griggs’ New York London Paris Rome Manila City Jail opens May 8, 2009 at Green Papaya Art Projects in Kamuning, Quezon City. His exhibition, capping his four months of residency in Manila, has for its centerpiece a suite of four large-scale canvases he worked with inmates of the Manila City Jail. Each canvas captures the coat of arms of Bahala-na Gang, Sigi-sigi, Sputnik, and Batang City Jail, all acknowledged unofficial fraternities of convicts serving their sentence for various crimes. These coat-of-arms painted inside the city’s cramped prison compound serve to mark territories, and of certain pride and dignity, these gangs hold behind the guarded walls.
David Griggs was born in a Lockheed Hercules somewhere above the north coast of Australia in 1975. At the age of 18 he worked for an underground newspaper, photographing poverty in North India and Nepal. In 1996, while travelling in China, he had a near death experience and has since devoted his life to producing paintings that explore the darker sides of humanity. Griggs has exhibited extensively around Australia and Souhteast Asia. His first international solo exhibition The Buko Police was held at Green Papaya Art Projects in Manila in 2005. (AG/NSW catalogue 2007)

Griggs’ current residency in Manila is funded by Asialink and is officially hosted by Green Papaya Art Projects.

His exhibition will run until May 30, 2009. Gallery Hours: Wednesday to Saturday, from 2-6pm
David Griggs is represented by Kaliman Gallery Sydney and Uplands Gallery Melbourne


41 T. Gener Street (corner Kamuning Rd.), Quezon City
Phone/Fax 7941628 or 0918 9457387 /

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