Sunday, March 1, 2009

w.o.p MAR 4| Martha Atienza WHEN ROUTINE.... + Conrado Velasco SYNTHETIC HAIKUS


Conrado Velasco
March 4, Bar Opens 7PM
And because we are never satisfied with the motley array of encounters intersecting at Green Papaya, there shall always be more to come. But first things first, a million shout out of thanks to kindred companions who made last week's gathering a blast! Yes, we drank, ate, talked, talked more and listened. MAM's field trip was another worthwhile sound gig minus the jeering "what the he$%# is all this about?" as the house attentively enthralled at the aural and visual hallucinations. Still Art Networks Asia's Manila Interphase meeting/reception brought out never before seen hardcore networking skills among the independent art community.

Though this Wednesday does not promise to be as big a party as the last one was, it is surely as hefty and hearty. It could or might as well be called a night of emigrants but we don't like falling for overly simplistic instant noodle categorical givens. Geo-political boundaries are not only porous but sometimes deceiving too. While we have seen her lurking around for a while, a proper coming-out party of sorts is necessary for Martha Atienza as she begins her W.O.P residency with When Routine is All There Is with an artist talk and presentation. Following her is Conrado Velasco who shall talk us through his latest electronic fixations. If you missed his artist talk last Saturday at Slab this is your chance to make up.
Martha Atienza was born in Manila. She graduated her BA in mixed media and media arts at AKI Academy of Visual Arts and Design, The Netherlands, and took a five-month exchange program at the Time and Space Department of Kuvataideakatemia, Helsinki, Finland. Prior to that, she studied Economics at the De La Salle University in Manila. Since finishing college, she has been working and living in Rotterdam, Manila and Bantayan Island in Cebu. She has also been exhibiting her works in Amsterdam, Helsinki and Manila.

Conrado Velasco was born in Manila and is a graduate of the University of the Philippines - Diliman. His work inhabits the spaces where art, design, commerce and technology intersect. Velasco’s career runs the whole range of disciplines - graphic design, photography, sculpture, industrial design, visual merchandising, illustration, motion graphics and electronic arts. For him the future of art lies in the volatile mix of technology and ideas. A former art director/photographer at GAP and Banana Republic, Velasco developed and designed the logo of Green Papaya Art Projects.

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