Tuesday, September 30, 2008

PAPAYA POST | October 1-9

Another new month is up ahead and to jump start we have booked a whole week of talks and gatherings at Green Papaya. This Wednesday we have a back-to-back event featuring the Tribute .MOV Exhibition of Kidlat Tahimik, Roxlee and Lav Diaz. Meanwhile Diego Maranan opens his w.o.p Residency by introducing Invisible Visible.

Otherwise known as an act signifying gratitude and respect. While according to history, a tribute is a payment periodically made by a ruler to another as a sign of dependence. They say we constantly face the threat of some sort of historical amnesia, left only with fragments that don't always fit. Yet there is the comforting security of knowing just a little bit. Peeking through the little hole of our memories. To move forward is about re-writing the past. And so we reming ourselves to remember. In this exhibition we pay our long-due humble respects to the three of the country's most prominent, influential and award-winning artists and directors of independent film-making in the Philippines.

Diego Maranan's w.o.p residency Invisible Visible, Angelo Suarez's previous residency. From October to November, he will be generating discussions and mini-project in the area of data of data visualization for advocacy. He will be focusing on two streams of interest: Visualizing Internal and Invisible Worlds as well as suggest Strategies for Effective Use. 

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