Monday, April 14, 2008

w.o.p 16/04 ROSAS rosas danst rosas SCREENING

Wednesdays I’m-N-love

VIDEO SCREENING rosas danst rosas
by Thierry De Mey and Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker

plus Manuel Ocampo’s video selection BLINKY by Jeffrey Vallame

ongoing exhibition PROBLEMS WITH STYLES
collaborative works by Manuel Ocampo and Argie Bandoy


Like a silent avenging little daughter the rains have come, absolving the sensuous devilish heat of a summer burdened with passage and transcendental habit breaks. Tropical depression Ambo hovers over the Visayas as Pag-Asa raises public storm signal to number 1. Disappointing the wave of migrating brown monkeys to the ever-inviting sea. Meanwhile the rest of tropical rats scamper to secure rice supply, rumors of food riot ensue. Yet another reason to grant the beloved president much-coveted emergency powers. Ah, in pursuit of democracy.

Still, summer has to go on. And those virgins awaiting their initiation. Calling all you youngsters and young-at-hearts for another round of Wednesdays I'm-n-love. As we prepare for announcing the tender for applications to Wednesdays I'm-n-love Open Platform Residency Program (W.O.P Residency), we shall continue on with the rest of the screen bytes from Manuel Ocampo's video collection with Blinky by Jeffrey Vallance. For the rest of the evening, we bring you another important dance film with Thierry De Mey and Anne Teresa De Keersmaker's Rosas Danst Rosas. A must-see for virgins and old hags alike!

Rosas Danst Rosas showcases the merciless and mathematical virtuosity of the dancers from the renowned company Rosas. Four dancers do battle; with each other, with the stage with the public – a fight to the bitter end – set to the minimalist music of Peter Vermeersch and Thierry De Mey. This dance film is no straightforward documentation but a cinematographic interpretation of this 'reference' famed performance. Where De Mey gets caught by the force of movement and gives rise to a sense of perpetual motion. Not to be missed by any dance-film enthusiasts, otherwise, eat your heart out. Go out, challenge yourself and be mesmerized by simplicity.

p/s. as for the rest of the evening, we will just be around to answers your questions on love and discuss plans for W.O.P residency while we prepare our official mail-out' (you know who you are!)

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