Friday, January 25, 2008

THE LOVE gANgSTERS coming-out performance party! 1.27 / 8 pm

the love gangsters
of course not this is a bathtub


8:00 PM January 27, 2008, Green Papaya Art Projects, Quezon City, Philippines
6:30 PM February 7, 2008, Yokohama Dance Collection R, Red Brick Warehouse, Yokohama, Japan
9:00 PM February 27, 2008, Brunnenstrasse, Berlin, Germany

We will always be here for you. No matter what!

Complete with vows of undying devotion till death do us part a dance ensues. After the high expectation settles into dust. Follow we do, the trail of pleasure scent luring us back into the inevitable vicious cycle of trial and error. Along the corridors loiter rage. The persistent persists, never say die for tomorrow we drink! Why hide at all? The Love GanGsters finally musters courage to come out to the fore. Out of the woods deeper into the urban jungle. A collective of prankster artists in contemporary dance, sound, design and video part-timing as free radicals, geek technicians, religious converts, pleasure activists and mercenaries. We come to spread havoc, breaking privileged position of 'art practice' by examining performance situations via interventionist propaganda one love crime at a time. Like whores peddling experiences, sensual escapes, drunken stupor and forgetful experiences nevertheless worthwhile moments of break.

Yes, its has been repeatedly said and done. Collectives (seemingly dirty word of out-dated propaganda) are not easy arrangements. Yet the appeal of romance and one-night stand love affair collaborations are too beguiling to withstand. So here we are wallpapers peeling off old surface waiting to resuscitate. Parasitic dreams, living off the evil promise of stasis, change, hope, love and world peace. Beware, running is not an option. We will always catch you.

In this first official outing, The Love GanGsters kick-off its series of performances of Of course not this is a bathtub with a coming-out performance-party on 27 January 2008, 8pm. Yes, it's a Sunday. The perfect day to commit a crime! In this second-generation work-in-progress, Donna Miranda and Paolo Martinez collaborates with Patty Eustaquio, Brendan Goco, Tara Illenberger, Norberto Roldan and Gani Simpliciano to produce a sound + performance + video installation to jump start their participation in 2008 Yokohama Dance Collection-R in Japan. Taking advantage of temperate January climate, we also officially launch The Love GanGsters as a performance research initiative with guest performance of resident conspirator Jethro Pioquinto. Ditch the lazy Sunday plan, send us your love, better yet join us in music dance extravaganza!

Of course not, this is a bathtub gives face to the nameless melodrama of our everyday frames of experience. Paddling between stubborn hope and grief, desperate wisdom and intentional blindness, we trick our bodies into a mindful compromise of life driven by purpose. This solo dance piece fishes into the discourse of the absurd via the symbolic articulation of a world allied by fears and anxiety via melodramatic allusions to love, desire, poverty and sentimental songs that lead to the comic tragedy of our chosen paths. A woman sits in front of an empty bathtub. Silent with delirium, resignation gradually consumes her body, like a banyan root creeping up and eating its host. In this state of submission, what else is she still waiting for?

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photo credit: Brendan Goco

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